Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is directly under the colleges of Medicine, its predecessor was founded in 1935 in Guilin, Guangxi Provincial High School midwives, upgraded in 1958 changed its name to Guilin Medical College, 1987 by the State Board of Education approved the upgrading renamed Guilin Medicine, the State Education Commission awarded the 1993 recruit foreign students qualify, the right to grant master’s degree in 2006, in 2007 the Ministry of Education was excellent undergraduate teaching level evaluation in 2012 by the Ministry of Education Clinical professional certification, in 2014 as in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region doctorate authorized construction unit project.

The existing school Dongcheng, gregarious, Lingui three campuses, covering a total area of 851,000 square meters. It has 20 secondary colleges (Department of the Ministry), six affiliated hospitals, 23 clinical teaching hospital, practice teaching base 94. On the basis of medical science, clinical medicine, pharmacy master three disciplines to carry out postgraduate education, full-time general education with nearly 20 undergraduate clinical medicine, pharmacy, biotechnology, nursing, etc., and 5 Higher Vocational Education. Schools for the 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions enrollment, now has 11,329 junior college students, graduate students 519 people, 128 students and other students at all levels of 29,374 people.

School faculty and medical staff of more than 3,600 full-time teachers 1159 people, among them tall title 205 people, high title 539 people, a senior teacher ratio is 64%. Doctoral tutor, tutor of master 311 people, enjoy special government allowances of experts 7 people, the national outstanding teachers, outstanding educators, 5 autonomous regions outstanding expert 2 people, “bagui Scholar” 3, Guangxi Universities “Hundred Talents” 3, Guangxi, “Distinguished experts,” one person, there are a large number of well-known experts and scholars, including outstanding contributions to scientific and technological personnel and autonomous regions, bagui teacher, scholar Li River in Guilin, the autonomous region of outstanding teachers, Guangxi, “Ten Baiqian New Century Talents Project” section Second level candidates, hundreds of colleges and universities in Guangxi young backbone teachers scheme personnel, teaching teachers, Guangxi, Guangxi, hundreds of young academic leaders funded universities planners, teachers training program personnel Guangxi Universities, talents finance planners Universities in Guangxi Guilin talents and so on.

Ministry of Education, the school enrolled the first batch of “excellent physician education and training program” Project Pilot Universities; existing national characteristic specialty construction point 2, a provincial key professional, autonomous region-level benefits specialty 7, 7 provincial key disciplines ; the State Pharmaceutical research laboratory a three, three provincial key laboratories, Laboratory of Guangxi Universities 5, Guangxi University Laboratory Breeding Base 1, Guangxi Chinese medicine research laboratory two secondary; Guangxi Collaborative Innovation Center in University 1, National Engineering Research Center of Chinese medicine solid preparations Manufacturing Technology Center in Guangxi 1; autonomous region level experimental teaching demonstration center 4, a demonstration center construction, the autonomous region level teaching team five, the regional level training model innovation experimental Zone 2, the autonomous region-level fine course 18; there are clinical medicine, basic medicine and other disciplines master level, covering 27 secondary discipline master, and another master’s degree in clinical medicine, pharmacy and other disciplines.

School the past five years has undertaken 938 research projects, of which 144 national projects, 141 provincial and ministerial projects. Science and technology achievement awards at all levels of 46, won the national 57 patents, including 15 invention patents. Papers of 3775, which included in SCI 169, Chinese core journals 1656. According to the Chinese Institute of Scientific and Technical Information 2015 released “Chinese scientific papers results”, my school’s most influential among the Chinese University academic ranking hundred list.

The past five years to assume the provincial teaching reform project 116. The school has won the national teaching achievement award 1, provincial teaching achievement award 33. School-sponsored “China Medicine” is the Chinese Academic Journal Comprehensive Evaluation Database source journals, “China Journal” and – the text “Articles Digital Periodicals” online journals, the journal of the American Chemical Abstracts and Guangxi outstanding scientific and technical journals.

School quality project as the starting point to deepen the reform of education, strengthen the teaching connotation construction to raise the overall quality of personnel training. In recent years, national and regional level in all kinds of skills competitions significant achievements, won the group overall victory and two individual first, the national medical colleges in the pharmaceutical / pharmacy students in the First National Nurses (English) practitioner level skills competition Experimental skills competition won the national first prize in the National School of Medicine medical students clinical skills contest finals three times won the third prize in the National English Proficiency Contest for College Students (NECCS) obtained the grand prize. Students participate in the national practitioner qualification exam was higher than the national average by more than 15%, nursing undergraduate nursing qualification exam candidates pass rate of 100%. Graduate employment rate has remained at over 93%, serials as “employment of college graduates in Guangxi collective work of art” for nine years.

Schools affiliated hospitals for the national comprehensive hospitals of the national health system, advanced group, the National General Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine demonstration units, the first batch of “Model Hospital assured the people”, the top ten hospitals in Guangxi, the national drug clinical trial sites, Ministry of Health designated the international emergency rescue center network hospitals and international SOS emergency center, emergency center in Asia hospitals, clinical pathology quality control center in Guangxi and Guilin clinical pathology center. Established in 2014, the Second Affiliated Hospital, two affiliated hospitals a total staff of more than 2800 people. 1800 open beds, outpatient amount of 1.7 million passengers, 72,000 passengers in hospitalized patients, in surgical volume 23,000 times, and the surrounding areas are Northern Medical Center.

Guilin Medical School established Education Development Foundation, receive school faculty, alumni donations, enterprises and social organizations, to support and promote the development of school education. Among them, 73 alumni of the school, the chairman of China Jiang Rensheng in his own name listed companies donated 50 million yuan to build a new campus library, schools and even colleges and universities in Guangxi by far the largest single donation, the donation has been included in the “2014 China donation Bai Jie standings. “

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