Texila American University (TAU) one of the best Caribbean Medical schools is located in Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America. TAU offers Health Science programs with a high level of professionalism, exactness and problem solving skills, upon which the foundations of specialist training and an independent medical practice can be built, which facilitates further education and development of their knowledge throughout their life.

The curriculum at the TAU is structured after the best US and Caribbean medical schools. The academic program is both accelerated and rigorous, with a focus on preparing students for licensure in the United States, Caribbean and India. The Programs curriculums are designed to reinforce the enduring tenets of the practice of medicine and ensure the ability of understanding and handling the changing demands of heath service in the various fields of society.

Students of TAU are presented with challenges to adopt the ethics and values that apply to all Health Professions. Putting the patient first, improving the lives of the underserved, emphasizing health care for rural populations, celebrating diversity wherever we find it and developing cultural competency are all essential to the daily practice of health professionals.

In clerkships, students acquire in-depth clinical experiences to sharpen their communication and healthcare problem-solving abilities. Students are advised to participate in outreach & volunteer programs, where they can receive practical training in delivering health care services. Among the medical programs offered by the Caribbean medical schools, TAU has its unique Doctor of Medicine Program with exposure to clinical facilities right from the first year of medical education.

TAU offers full-time programs for Bachelors in MD-Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing (March and September), other Allied Health Science programs. operates on a three semester system with classes beginning in January, May and September.