Xuzhou Medical College (XZMC), formed in 1958 and situated in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, is a well established, fully accredited institution of higher education under the direct administration of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Through years of hard work , XZMC has developed into the center of medical education, services, and research in the northern Jiangsu Province and in the Huaihai Economic Zone.

As a leading medical institution, Xuzhou Medical College provides a collaborative, learning-centered environment in which highly qualified faculty, staff, and students integrate teaching, research, internship, scholarship, creative activity, and community service to provide a perfect set – up. Through intellectual, social and cultural contributions, the college provides a chance to the aspiring medicos to enrich their lives.

One of the proofs that XZMC has become an epitome in the medical field is the fact that it consists of a developing discipline of Anesthesiology promoted by the national foundation, 5 other key disciplines at provincial level, 2 key laboratories at provincial level, 4 research institutions, 5 research centers and 19 independent research sections. The university also owns a 4000 square meter Animal Laboratory Center with SPF cleaning level.

With time XZMC has broadened its horizon and since 2001, it has engaged in a great amount of scientific research projects, out of which, most projects were from the National Natural Foundation of China and Jiangsu Provincial Natural Sciences, and some projects from the Xuzhou National Science Foundation. Their students have been a major contributor when it comes to publishing academic papers and XZMC are the proud owners of these intellectual properties of right. Amongst the 2565 academic papers published in last three years, over 1000 were published in core scientific journals and in SCI and EI. Along with this, 65 monographs and textbooks were also published. It is due to these reasons that the college has been awarded many Prizes for Scientific Advancement and Introduction of New Technology by national, provincial and municipal governments.

Along with Anesthesiology and Pharmacology as national characteristics key projects, XZC offers a full range of courses for 18 undergraduate programs, which covers the major medical discipline specialties, including Clinical Medicine, Anesthesiology, Optometry, Medical Imageology, Technology of Medical Exammination, Medical Informatics, Medical Rehabilitation, Preventive Medicine, Nutriology, Stomatology, Oral Restoration Technology, Nursing, Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical preparation, Biomedical Engineering and Public Administration, Medical Imaging Engineering. Clinical Medicine specialty also recruits international students.

XZMC believes in bringing in the best brains for their students. It is for this reason that they lay great emphasis on international academic exchange and cooperation with experts and colleagues from home and overseas. Every year a number of foreign experts are invited to visit the college and they send their own faculties to engage in advanced studies in developed countries. During recent years XZMC has hosted many international academic conferences and established multilateral exchange and cooperation with research institutions and medical universities from abroad, such as Medical college of Harvard University, the State University of New York Health Science Center, Parker Medical College of Texas, General Hospital of Massachusetts, Medical College of Wisconsin University USA, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, University of London, University of Huddersfield, University of Wollongong and University of Queensland, Australia.